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hot-sauce Recommend me a Blair's sauce please

Hi everyone!
Can you recommend me a bottle of sauce to request from Santa? :party: The choices are:
Blair's Original Death
Blair's After Death
Blair's Ultra Death
Blair's Sudden Death
Any level of heat works.
If it's to eat, why take a chance on buying something expensive that sucks? Buy a bottle of our salsaladys' Pure Evil. You can add all the heat you can possibly stand (drop by drop) to any sauce you already know you love without changing the flavor at all.
If you're buying for a collection, please disregard ;)
Thanks, DWB. If you want an actual sauce,there are many sauces better than the extract laden Blairs sauces. You would probably have to contact the makers directly for shipping to Poland. If you are interested in Pure Evil, contact me directly via PM, I'd love to help get some hot stuff to you if I can.
I can't. Food is meant to taste good.
I hope you find something good tasting for a good price in your area!
No, it's not bad. I got the Ultra Death and tried one of the milder ones before (can't remember which one that was). They Ultra Death is good for making your food really hot but there is not a lot of aroma to it. Just plain heat. So, in the end it's not great and not bad.
I am sure there are better ones around.
I make my own sauces nowadays. They are way better.