Red flags of "newbie" seed scammers on THP

Podz, valid and reasonable post. Having such a grower near you is rare indeed. Ive bought from him, and no complaints either.
I bet you grow different types each year. I will usually keep a couple of favorite plants for 1-2 more seasons, but looking into a few new ones is always exciting too. So many out there.
I first thought my "Free seeds" thread would attract scammers like a magnet but no, everyone seems "legit" (mostly well known and active members) up to now! That being said, I will not hesitate to refuse a request or to report any scam attempt🤘
This is a guide to help detect "newbie" seed scammers.

This is NOT about ebay or anywhere else, this is about newbies asking for seeds on THP, post or DM, and how to detect a person that really deserves your kindness from those that are stockpiling seeds.

Chime in and I will move the best ones to this list. A few of mine are below (and I will edit them if anyone wants to word them better or challenge them).

  • Most of the time, they are not newbies, but they know how kind people are here. Often times they are stockpiling for trades or even sales.
  • They may pretend to just be growing one plant. Recently, a jalapeno and bell pepper was stated. What this does is trigger kindness to get them into "real" peppers stat. A ploy.
  • Another is, they often claim they are broke but something can be worked out. That something will never happen.
  • They often claim they are buying seeds or willing to trade, when they are still just looking for the kind members and freebies. This may be hard to sniff out but it often is in combo with any of the above.
  • If you receive a DM from a newbie asking for seeds it is likely a scam. Why DM? They will often say they were referred by a member, and they will offer to trade or send money, KNOWING some members will give for free out of kindness. PMs also hide their actions from others so they can spam multiple users and not be detected as in a post.
  • Look out for accounts that were just created.
  • Be wary of pity, even if subtle.
  • Please report anyone you feel is suspicious! We can check if they have other accounts, etc.

  • Only deal with people you know from the site. If they are a newbie, encourage them to get involved with the community before posting such a request.

I read this thread after I searched every good review for Pepper seed houses first.
Newbie seed scammers. A phrase I had never seen before coming to the Hot pepper

As a newbie once again, I want to share my experience so far on my way back to growing peppers.

It's too bad we have to worry about scammers, however we still have to watch for snakes in the fields & gardens.
I have been doing germination test on Dried Chile's from Mexico to get what I want, so at $10.00 a bag for maybe 10 seeds you will use
that's purdy steep. LOL. So it's not about money that I take free seeds. It's about the adventure that we all go on every spring.

I have some real good friends who have sent me seeds to try & enjoy, I appreciate every one of them for their kindness.
With any luck as we all know, I will be trading & gifting seeds from my own girls next year.

I will end by saying stay aware, however just know their are people like me who really get it, & will not forget your kindness.
I'm a newbie (yet) here, but not to the plant & pepper world. Having dealt with plants much of my conscious life: professionally, PhD in Plant Sciences and beyond, and lately - in my Hobby Farm, I admit to having developed a Plant Obsessive & Compulsive Disorder. Just cannot resist wanting to grow them at my place, and more broadly, too.
So, sorry if you receive my request(s), my intentions are pure: while in an attempt to green the place and the world, I might sound/look too much, but always try to send exchange/pay back.
My guess is that there might be others in similar situation, so please use some broader criteria, when judging who it what as per their wants and requests :)

Juanitospeppers sent me some great starts real late last year, as well pepperlover sent me some great stuff as well, and back when I first came online here the whole community (including I believe joynershotpeppers) was super supportive.

I really hope that most of us are here for the love of growing, consuming, and learning about these peppers. If it wasn't for the kindness of the folks in this community I would not have had the chance to grow, taste, or understand the world of hot peppers. I bought some pods, some starts, "won" some seeds, and really got a chance to explore different hot peppers.

I will say to newbies collecting seeds and headed into the growing season next year, don't be greedy, you can only grow so many plants... When I started my apartment was full of small cups, and was a toasty 90 degrees all the time, because of the generosity of the folks in this community. IT SURE WAS FUN THOUGH.

Thank you folks!
I'm a newbie I hoped I'm not breaking any rules. I would rather pay for seeds I know how hard people work to grow a crop. Even though it's not a lot of money it's still the gesture of sending money to say thanks. I would rather give some money than go to some unknown seed site. The same with buying pods.