wanted Red Serranos (bulk)


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I have been contacted by a sauce maker who is looking for 250 lb of red serranos, and possible contract growing for next year. That is way beyond anything I can provide this year, and may not be a viable option for me next year. They are located in western North Carolina.

Is there anyone who might be able to help satisfy this request, either for this year or next? (doesn't need to be all 250lb, if you can do any decent chunk of that its' good)

You might want to try the chile konnection in Albuquerque. Here is their info: (they don't always pick up the phone)

All of their produce comes from Hatch, NM, so they would know if anyone has red serranos in that quantity.

Hope this helps! Cheers!!
The powders they definitely have in super bulk. I will try to get down there in a day or so, to see what they have, and take some pictures.