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Roselle.. Anyone experienced in growing these?

I've been growing a Roselle from a tea seed.. Besides not identifying to species yet(and assuming H. sabdariffa), I'm also a little uncertain about the harvesting and gestation period required for the pods to mature the seed. My first set pod fell from the plant last night, almost three weeks from setting, and I'm wondering if that is long enough? I'm used to seeing Hibiscus pods turn a yellow to tan-brown when ripe, but this still looks a bit green in the yellow..


It has edema, had aphids, and I'm pretty sure it has a circular leaf spot too.. But so far it's been hanging on and getting stronger. Still stuck in the 1g trade, but that needs to change.
I don't know squat-nothing about Roselle, but these folks here have been growing it a while. Thought you might gain some insight (or not, lol).
Thanks for the link! They don't talk about the seeds much, but sounds like I was in the right mind with the green tint meaning it was a bit early.. Hopefully I still get some seed from it. That was a good read, and pretty informative. I liked the part about carrying a ziplock baggie with the seeds in the pocket to germinate them.. You know I'm going to try that.
A couple months ago, I ordered some of the variety that are supposed to flower regardless of daylight hours, so it will be interesting to see how they grow up here. If they are like Okra, I doubt I'll be pulling the 1-2 pounds a plant those guys seem to be getting down there. I do plan to bring one of two in for the winter next year too, given the results I'm having with this one. If it hadn't started flowering, I had planned on trying to do cuttings of it. Early on it had snapped at the base, outside, and I replanted it about an inch deeper and it healed itself.. Figured if it can do that, it should be good for cuttings. From what they say about it being like tomatoes to transplant, I'm even more sure of this.
The flower remains look pretty tasty too.. Feels like an olive with the pit removed. Not very exciting when you are only getting one at a time though. I wonder how they are in stirfry or salad.
Flor de jamaica in MX, quite popular. Usually sold in its dried form, but sometimes also "fresh". When I buy it fresh, it is always completely red.
This I would like to try. Not sure if I could manage in my zone. I might need to take it inside during colder weather. Have you been growing the plant inside?
This I would like to try. Not sure if I could manage in my zone. I might need to take it inside during colder weather. Have you been growing the plant inside?

I started it outdoors during the summer and have had it indoors since October or so. Take notice when you shop for them, because the original ones need a <12 hour day cycle to flower and they now have improved varieties that aren't reliant on light cycles.. AKA 'Day neutral'. My pods aren't lasting long enough to produce viable seed, but I'm still getting small calyxes. It could have something to do with the cramped growing container.
Indoors I've been keeping this plant where it gets some of the window light during day and lights for the rest. One of these days I'll give something bigger than a 1 gallon pot and it will probably become a lot fuller. They are pretty sensitive to over watering, maybe more than peppers, and get edema fairly easy as a result.
To answer my question: They are ripe when the seed pod begins to open. I averaged 18 seeds each with these. Fresh ripe calyx is crisp and juicy like crunchy cabbage with a tart flavor between cranberry and rhubarb.


Despite being in a 1 gallon pot and suboptimal lighting, it managed to put out two respectable pods with another coming. I damaged the plant trying to twist the first one off, so I snipped the other off. The calyx came off the pedicel fairly easy, but required tearing it off.