• This is the place to discuss all spicy commerical products, not just sauce!

SAMS Club: Three Alarm Cheese

I was at sams club a few days ago a found a cheese called Three Alarm made by mid
West. It comes as a wheel and says that it contains jalapeño, chipotle, and habanero peppers. It is a Colby jack. It is the spiciest store cheese I have found. I wouldn't classify it as " spicy" though. Either way I do like it. Good substitute for pepper jack. Anyone else try this? Also any other hot cheeses out there?

Hopefully this is the right place to post this.

Never seen that one. I will have to look for it. There are many spicy cheeses out there. The hottest I have had so far is a habanero jack cheese. I have also seen ones made with cayenne.
Being quite the cheesehead myself, just so happens I have a wedge of Landana Gouda which I believe has habanero. The cheesemaker was rather liberal with the annato I reckon to give more color to suggest the presence of chile however you can clearly see the delectable flecks and bits if chile.


I also have in the fridge some Cotswold, a no-name chevre, some local goat cheese, a wedge of romano, and some tillamook cheddar and some deli swiss. Getting a little low on supplies.