seeds Sandia Seeds

Nice little collection from Sandia Seeds company: Fast delivery and threw in some sticker swag Nice!


Yep, clear as a bell up above. I must have hot rod serranos on the brain. I've been growing a few different types of heirloom serrano lately to see what I like and I wonder about those F1 hybrids.

That's a solid mix of heat you have going. Are they going into containers or do you have garden space at your new digs?
They will go into containers for sure, the soil here is wacked. There are 3-4 rabbits that lounge in the front yard in the morning that eat everything, even the corn I planted they chew those up and spit them out. I can grab ya a few packets of various Serrano when I run errands next time.

I will pm, when I have a few packets to kick over to ya.
... anyone ever grow the Megatron???

Nope, haven't heard of it, but it sounds promising. Save some seeds, and I'll grow the F2 next year. Maybe we can figure out where it came from, lol.