every year our pod...(piedmont pepper pod) has a small get together kinda like a pod party and a cook off....there will be no showmanship or frestyle chili judged....just casi.. if you are a casi cook and need some points e mail me and ill give you some details of where it is.....vic no idea if your still around and lurking post here if your gonna be able to make it...i throw in a cpl of beers for ya into the cooler
this cook off we will also be holding out pod elections. i had a member call me last night and advised me he was gonna nominate me as great pepper(president of the club) so this should be realy realy inresting.:onfire:
Hey gang, yep, still here. Just busy as a beaver. Been short on ability to make cook offs since the states. Good luck (past luck) on the elections. You certainly would be a great Great Pepper. Lots and lots of personality!

I'll keep my eye on the PPP (now I gotta go to the bathroom, I'm very suggestive) to see how the cook off and elections went.

Piece be with you,
well cook off i think went well hopefuly some pics will be posted on website soon we only cooked casi for points 15 cooks showed up including a cpl from texas and when the judging was done i came in 2nd. elections when they were done i was voted in 1 shy vote of unanimous as great pepper. the guy that didn't vote for me.......you guessed it .......the current great pepper.