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Saturday Trip to Asian Supermarket

Krasdale sauce is your generic Louisiana sauce. States its made of aged habaneros, but I don't believe :) Heat level is reds hot like. $1

Madame Gougousse Piman Pikliz offers a bit more heat and good habanero flavor with lemon note. Pleasantly acidic. Good for fish and chix. $1.29 only!

Spur Tree Jamaican Sauce smells & tastes like fermented Chinese pepper mash and onion. Fine heat. Chunchky, a little chewy texture. $1.79. If u like onion sauce get it ;p

Cock brand chili garlic sauce. Too sweet and too mild. Garlic is there but Huy Fong is better anyways. $1.79. Use instead of sweet chili sauce...

Mama Sitas Labuyo sauce. Birds eye peps, cane vin, salt. Comes in tabasco shape bottle. Very fragrant, dry, with good acidity and fruity flavor balance. Tasty, much hotter than tabasco and simply good! Flavor lasts for 15 seconds (long finish). $3.09 and I will buy more.


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