cooking Sausages, Bison

Finally got around to it :)

Bacon 30%
Dried Apricots
Dried Elderberries
Black Pepper


I wondered what type you were making when you mentioned sausage in another thread today..... Bison, now that's not one I've done. They look great, and I love the rich, dark color! Collagen cased? I haven't linked up any sausage in a while, have just been sticking to bulk for patties and adding to dishes.

Edible Collagen.
Very yummy, I was actually surprised how light a flavor and all ingredients blended togethe rperfectly, nothing dominated. (Didn't follow a recipe)
Color from the Elderberries, let everything soak before grind/stuffing.
I haven't done any game sausage (don't hunt, and the stuff is too expensive to buy and turn into sausage for me!) :) I make a lot of different Polish and German styles. I've always done natural casings as they work really well for me, so I just haven't explored anything else. Just mixed up a pound of my Spanish style chorizo last night (always have 1lb bags of pork in the freezer for sausage) to stuff some chicken breasts. Good stuff! I think I need to whip up a batch of Kielbasa Wedzona or my Jalapeno/cheddar (or both?) :)

Thanks for sharing your creation. I'd love to taste something like that!

Your Welcome :)
I want to make turkey/chicken sausages next. Wish I had a smoker, would love to make pepper salami.
What did you have in mind for pepper salami? Semi-dry, fermented, or more of a summer sausage/salami? Rigging up something for smoking sausages isn't too terribly difficult with some creativity.....all depends on how much you want to make it! :) I've seen some pretty easy set ups that use a basic charcoal grill for smoke, pipe that (ducting) to a cardboard box with some rods fashioned for hanging. Heck, you could just used a cardboard box with a smoke pellet tube for smoke, cold smoke 'em, then poach. Get your smoke on for as many hours to get the flavor/color you want, then poach in a 170F bath to your finish temp. Cool quickly, let flavors bloom a bit in the fridge and eat.

I made these a few months ago (sans peppers), but easy enough to formulate. I will note that I DO have a smoker, but don't let that stop you!! :)

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Summer Salami :)
was going to use barel but their over $100 now so figured wood box to smoke.
They look great, haven't seen large casing's locally.
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that bison sausage looks awesome.

in my best John Cleese impersonation

"your meat was a bison and your sausage smelt of elderberries.!"