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hot-sauce Scotch Bonnet hot sauce (disappointing)

GRACE brand is a good one. i liked it before i even got into growing peppers, and i've seen others suggesting it on here.

and it is cheap. pre-pandemic the ~300ml bottle (don't remember exact size) was only around $2 canadian. not sure what it might cost now, but all the grace products tended to cost less than anything else (walkwerswood etc.)
I wonder how they can source the peppers and sell it so cheaply back then.

$7.39 for 142ml here: https://hotsaucemall.com/product/grace-scotch-bonnet-hot-pepper-sauce/

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I think the last bottle of Berties cost me around $12 but its larger than 5oz iirc. Still like it the best but my homemade with Freeport Orange (uncooked) is pretty darn good.
I'm going to look into Bertie's for sure (funny coincidence, I have a friend from Trinidad named Bertie). As far as good scotch bonnet sauces, I also like Walkerswood
If you want full-on bonnet flavor I suggest the fermented mash by Magic Plant. This company sells to manufacturers/hot sauce companies but they also make a consumer size, 9 oz:
Keep in mind that is like a concentrate that you could use to make a sauce, or, you can use it straight, and it is the size of 2 hot sauce bottles, so it is actually quite affordable.