chinense Scotch bonnet

I used to buy seeds from semillas when they accepted pay pal but now they changed it to something called SEPA, I’ve never heard of it and all information on google is confusing. I don’t know what app i need to download
I wouldn't hesitate to get my seeds from white hot peppers (WHP). In fact they became my primary seed source since rfc no longer wants to ship to europe. WHP is as good as it gets. Very relyable and seeds are sent via regular (untracked) mail, so no risk of import issues. Never had any problem with them.

Im growing a few chillies this year my first time ordering from white hot peppers.

Post was excellent to Scotland and Germination was fantastic ! The plants are growing vigorously at present.

From what I've seen from other's on this site Justin's stuff is spit on :thumbsup: