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review SD Sauce Thai hot sauce "Ginger Vegan"

From Sutta's loving kitchen comes an authentic and unique sauce that harkens back to her life in Thailand, handcrafted with the freshest raw ingredients to give any food from land to Sea a delicious burst of flavor and spice. Transform your food from ordinary to the extraordinary.


The bottle is simple. White label with thin easy to read font. Thai writing below the "flavor" is a nice touch. 6oz. With a wide mouth for easily pouring.
Reading the ingredients on this bottle instantly had me thinking. Stir fried rice noodles with some fresh veg and fried tofu.


So off I went to the garden to see what's available. Snap peas and carrots. Perfect! Tofu pressed, tossed in corn starch then air fried. Veg and rice noodles pan fried then I added the tofu and the bottle of raw ginger vegan sauce.


First notable thing at this point is the aroma. Citrus and ginger forward as soon as I dump the bottle. Mild peppery aroma hits the nose next as I mix everything together. No notable notes from the bean paste.
Flavor comes on same as the aroma with a strong lime and ginger profile followed by an increasing heat and pepper flavor that slightly overpowers the other flavors. Bean paste flavor is non existent.(a subtlety I was hoping for)
heat level a 6 of 10 actually surprised me. Reading the ingredients I really didn't have super high expectations. A medium burn that migrates from the mouth to the lips.
Flavor was great. I would say 7 of 10. Thai chili, lime and ginger flavors that linger on. Even as the lip burn subsides. The ginger is still lingering in the pallet. No bean paste flavor to speak of. For me this is what would have really elevated this sauce even more. That said I really enjoyed this sauce. If you want to get some yourself www.sdsauce.com
Looks good! This might be good on a Thai green papaya salad.