event Seattle Area POTLUCK Sept 9th Invite


eXtreme Business
Everyone is invited to the Saturday Potluck at the Kanaskat-Palmer State Park.  Several of us are camping there, more info on This Thread.  Since I can't edit the OP title, hopefully this thread will catch the attention of folks in the northwest who may be able to join us for a Saturday Potluck.  
Several of us are in campsites 24-27.  We'll set up the potluck in one of those campsites.  Just come on out to the park and find the party!  
Family friendly, byob and chair, bring a dish for the potluck, chileheads and non-chileheads welcome!  :lol:
I was hoping this year would be the year that I make the trip up there, but I'll be out of the country until literally that day. :(

Maybe next year. :cheers:
:dance:  Thanks, Boss!  I've linked to FB also.
Hope everyone is keeping up on all these things.  :cool: