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Does any body here in Japan interested in exchanging seeds?
As for me, not necessary needs to be a trade, if you want seeds of what I grow, just let me know, I post them to you nothing in exchange is fine, but getting seeds here is a bit complicated, if any body knows a vendor than can import to japan, please post it.

Got two letters from MAF ( Japanese ministry of...) when buying seeds on the internet and I dont feel like getting a third one. The thing of buying them and sent to my family so they can bring them when visiting or posting them is a bit annoying.

Currently I am growing;
pepper joes seeds:
carolina reaper, just got one plant sprouted out of 10 seeds, hope it survive/produce
yellow drop, 2 plants
pepper joes jalapeño, 1 plant
from a home center;
1 yellow habanero plant

to avoid cross pollination, I tried to glue some flowers wit pvc white glue but both dried/die, so I placed a sink net, on the upper branches with flowers, will see how it goes.
If any body interested, this step is important to me, dont want hybrids, just pure strains, if not taking measures to avoid cross pollination or your seeds are from chili pods you got somewhere, I am not interested in F1 hybrids, just let me know I send you seeds anyway, but wont be growing yours, please.

In case you read this because, I dont know, just moved here or what ever, just to provide useful random information in english, the following pages are quite good; or osaka... dont know about other cities
for brewers there is this facebook group; tokyo home brewers
also if moving to tokyo consider visiting the army of salvation shop before buying new stuff for your home,
craiglist is also really good, for that.

Just could not find any get together page for chili heads here in Japan, therefore this post, hope it grows, any entry regardless of the topic, meanwhile is based here, most welcomed.


Alejandro typing from sunny Hachioji, Tokyo

Last year was a total failure, only one reaper and one charleston survived, got seeds of both and the plants are still alive.

This year I got;

banana pepper (I collected the seeds from fresh peppers bought at a supermarket)

aji limon

If anybody wants some or can spare some other varieties, most welcome


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Alejandro, be sure to look up international fish,
a member who also lives in Tokyo.
I send him a few seeds from time to time. I can
safely send them, so if you check out my grow
log (PaulG 2021) and see some you like, send
me a PM. I don't charge anything.
In case some one is growing in Tokyo area but can not overwinter the plants, I'm building a green house, shitty one, I would be more than happy to take your plants and try to keep them alive.
Growing from seeds sucks, my plants from seeds are blooming now. Now I have space for a greenhouse and for seedling on top of the fridge, fingers cross for next season.
the green house


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2022's update;

I'm spouting far more plants than I can grow, let me know if you would like some;
carolina reaper
ghost pepper
okinawa cayene
alma paprika
and may be I can spare one sugar rush cream and sugar rush peach
Some are sprouting now, some not yet


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Looks like your greenhouse has done well
for you. Good to have a surplus of plants!

Good luck going forward, @Alejandro.
the plants over wintering inside, still haven't wake up, may be they don't.
But this season looks promising, thanks for borrowing the germination heat pad and the timer, definitely I need one of those.


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