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Seed grown Murraya Koenigii (Curry tree) Scotland

Hi Guy's

Here in the UK live curry leaf trees are hard to get (often a waiting list) and ridiculously expensive 🤬

I bought 8 seeds (pre sprouted) from a gentleman in England for a very reasonable price and he supplied instructions I ended up with 6 or 7 seedlings :dance: I planted them in a commercial citrus soil mix as advised.

I was delighted ! Slowly slowly they grew...... one or two seemed much more vigorous than the other's then one by one they started dying off :think: it turned out the ones that died seemed to only have one thick single root ? The strongest plant had the same thick root but also lots of fine hair roots.

Currently I only have one left it lost most of its leave in the house over winter..............I'm planning on keeping it under a grow light this winter.


My sole surviving curry tree...............


Currently it's residing in my greenhouse, it's putting on alot of growth I really need to bone up on caring for it .......

Anyone else got one ??