Seed scammer alert - Do not send to Wylie Texas address

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GreenTomato said:
That motherducker. I sent him some Starfish seeds. Duck this shit man.
Dude even posted in THIS thread! :rofl:
Wow! GreenTomato, seed scammer account #33, banned.
Aravind from Wylie Texas should make a public apology, buy some seeds, and act like a member. Otherwise he will never receive any seeds! I don't care how many accounts he creates.
Glad I didn't send anything out yet! I was suspect of his account since it coincided with my creation of my hybrid thread.

I don't get why someone would need to be a scammer? Pepper people are some of the most generous folks I've ever run into. Half the plants I have growing this year are from seeds that people sent to me for free. I've also sent out my fair share of free seeds to help a fellow man get his collection going.
Not open for further replies.