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seeds Seedlings Not Growing/yellowing

Hey guys,

My 3 super hots are not really growing and kind of yellowing. I moved them outside last week to see if that would help. They are on my covered front porch that gets just a couple hours of morning sun.

My jalapeño and habaneros that are 2 weeks younger are now way ahead of the super hots and I know they grow faster, but the super hots haven't grown at all in probably 2 weeks now. They were planted July 1st and sprouted by the 11th

The only difference is the super hots are in burpee organic coir seed start mix, and the jalapeño and habs are in normal seed starting mix. You can see the soil difference in the pic.

Maybe they are lacking some nutes being in the coir. I haven't fertilized them at all yet. Maybe too much water? Are these crosses just super finicky to grow? Seeds came direct from Butch Taylor.

Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated as this is kind of a practice run for spring 2017 with getting back into peppers again.

Thank you!

the jal / hab are actually getting air and not soaked. the organic potting mixes i have seen are always too heavy and retain too much moisture. you need to amend it with something like perlite or pine bark chips or coir chips to break it up.
Ok, thanks juanitos, I have a bag of perlite at home so I will try to mix some in without damaging them. I may even just rinse all the dirt off the roots and repot in the other soil.
Ok, so I rinsed the dirt off all three gently in a pan with the kitchen sprayer and repotted in the Schultz seed starting mix instead of the burpee coir mix. I did not water them yet. I figure I'll give them a day or 2 to dry up a bit and then water them. Hopefully this helps. Like I said, this is basically just a trial run for next spring so nothing lost really if these don't make it, I have more seeds.

I have a pic below of what the BTR looked like rinsed off. The root was to the bottom of the container, but not much growth really. All three pretty much looked similar.




I'll update my Glog Friday with any changes

Thanks again!
Are you growing indoors? They're still very young and in Northern Michigan I can't imagine you have a very long grow season outdoors. 
I started these indoors as a little experiment/project for next year, but moved them outside when they weren't doing well. My growing season here in the U.P. of MI is only from late may through September, so I normally start in January indoors. I didn't grow anything this season and got the itch, so I ordered up a bunch of seeds for spring 2017 and planted a few now to keep me busy [emoji2]

You can read more info in my Glog here - http://thehotpepper.com/index.php?/topic/61055-U)<now's-2016/2017-Indoor/Outdoor-Glog