trade Seeds for trade, including superhot ‘Qué Guay’

To be honest, my 2022 grow list is still evolving, but there are some varieties that don’t interest me enough to expect to grow them in the future. They are unopened packets of 10 seeds from, to the best of my knowledge, trusted sources (linked in each case). They were all purchased and received this year. One pack of each variety.

I also included the reason it didn’t make my cut, in case it helps.

What I Have

Kimchi Pepper (Sherwood’s Seeds) - This has a cool history, like a less well-documented Jimmy Nardello’s, but I wound up deciding to focus on other cuisines.

Fidalga Roxa (The Hippy Seed Co) - I got this first, then subsequently completed the trilogy. I’m growing Anónimo Roxa (CGN 21500) in 2022, keeping Cheiro Roxa in reserve for breeding projects, and don’t need a third.

Red Rocoto (Refining Fire Chiles) - I decided to focus my C. pubescens efforts on small-fruited, earlier varieties to maximize my crop in USDA 7a.

Yellow Rocoto (Refining Fire Chiles) - Same

Tabasco (Refining Fire Chiles) - I‘ve always preferred an underdog to a big name, so I wound up going with a less famous C. frutescens.

African Orange Bird (Refining Fire Chiles) - On the other hand, I get suspicious if I see nobody growing a variety, as is the case here. Maybe it’s just an undiscovered gem, but I have a lot of well-established favorites to try before hunting for the novel.

Sugar Rush Peach (Refining Fire Chiles) - I got this before Fatalii Seeds released a new wave of Sugar Rush Stripey. I don’t intend to grow more than one Sugar Rush, and that one looks like bacon and tastes well enough, so…

NuMex Suave Orange (Semillas La Palma) - This looks like a great chile! I wound up with a lot of great-looking, low- or no-heat C. chinense, though. Of the NuMex lot, I chose Trick-or-Treat.

Qué Guay (Semillas La Palma, Oct 2021 gift) - This was a nice bonus that came with my SLP order. Apparently they choose a novel superhot every month to include with €30+ orders. This one ran out early, and I don’t think it’s been otherwise released. Intriguing, but my heat tolerance isn’t ready for superhots yet.

What I’d Like

C. chinense

Stuffing Scotch Bonnet
Venezuelan Tiger
Hallow’s Eve
Bhüt Orange Copenhagen - Right, I just said I wasn’t ready for superhots. This is the one I intend to start with when I am. A little milder than the standard bhüt and celebrated for its culinary quality; very tempting!

C. annuum

Scarlett Variegated
Purple Tiger
Purple Pumpkin
Golden Nugget

Or, feel free to offer interesting seeds similar to what I’ve chosen so far. Or unique crosses, etc.
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I’ve acquired several of my Wants from other sources, and a persistent Trade thread is sort of hard to maintain without being able to edit posts… potential traders would need to read every subsequent update to see what’s still available, what has been added, etc.

I see there’s a way to list stuff for trade in one’s profile; maybe I’ll try that in the future. Anyway, please consider this thread closed.
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You could post it on your profile page, you can always edit those posts. Then it shows up as a status update in the feed. But you could also keep a thread up and link to the profile post for the updated list. :)
You can click the date on a status to get the link, so you could do it like this: