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seeds Seeds need a new home for a SASE and yes, rules apply

I would like to give out free seeds to those willing to send a SASE to my address. You can ask for seeds to be sent now, later, or now and later. If you want now and later please send two SASE. (Self Addressed Stamped Envelopes inside a single package/envelope)
Rules: I must receive the envelopes with your address and stamp already affixed. Letters will be numbered in the order they are received for send out.
Rule 2: You must agree to send me the best tasting and largest ripe fruit from your best producing plant for each variety of seed you grow out. This is going to take some judgment call, but understand I want the best selection from your grow out of my seeds sent back to me and if that differs from what you think I want please send your favorite as well.

Rule 3: Please only share with others who have donated to some charity for veterans at any point in their life for the first generation or someone who has done something selfless for another.
Rule 4: Anyone who donates even a dollar to Disabled American Veterans and provides proof of that will get extra seed not being sent to others.
Rule 5: All SASE must be postmarked by 01March2023 to be valid.
Offer only valid in the USA.

Rule 6: You can provide your preference for which way your hybrid will likely lean in a letter to me. I.e., you can ask for more poblano influence or more jalapeno influence but understand most of what you will receive will have either one or both of those two culinary peppers in their mix and I will assign numbers/codes to all crosses so as to slow down those that like to rename down a bit.
Rule 7: You can ask for any amount of seed from 1 seed 200 seeds, but you must attempt to raise up approximately 25% of what you ask for to full maturity at the least. You must sow all the seed in their entirety and you can make selections at any stage so long as you end up with approximately 25% of your grow at full maturity.
Rule 8: You must have fun and understand that life happens. No one is to give anyone crap for life happening and seeds or plants going to pot.
Rule 9. You must provide envelopes with enough postage to cover the amount of seeds and crosses you are hoping to get up to a total of 10 different cross attempts if you are getting now and later seeds and not one or the other. I am currently unemployed and can't afford to foot the bill for missing postage right now.
Rule 10: Be kind to others and try not to harm them, otherwise, do what you please.
Rule 11: If you can't remember any rule or you are late to the party, please understand seeds will be sent out as now until none are left at which point all now entries will automatically be turned into later entries.
My promise to you, if you try to abide by these rules, I will try to make your dreams come true with a little magic that may take 1-2 generations to unfold. I am offering you the magic of presents that are not bee created, but instead are hand created.
Rule 12: If you want seedlings/small plants... those are limited in number and you definitely will need to pay postage on the seedlings and I will 100% want to have fruits back from your best selections. Everything, even plants will be given a code such as a series of numbers so as to help ensure that if people attempt to steal my work, they won't be able to easily predict what will come from my work. However, it will remain very easy for me to predict and thus, easier to determine
Whatever Will Be, Will Be when someone is attempting to rename. Not that it is really worth my time to worry about those things too much. .
send SASE to
Eric Knight
6000 Watkins Road
Wendell, NC
PS, it is okay to ask for quality over quantity. For me, this means asking for F1 versus F2 or greater. Mind you, I will still code everything so no one will know for sure what they have other than to say they have what I consider to be works of art. Cross-pollination is my passion and my canvas is the stigma on which I paint with my chosen pollen.
Please join me in making some worthwhile selections that truly will matter. Those that participate will be first amongst the first to be looked at when I make my own selections out of the best of the best so to speak. By agreeing to send me your favorites out of each labeled group you are helping me to select for traits such as productivity and suitability for each geographic area in which my creations are grown. You are helping me to make selections that matter in flavor, size, beauty, etc. As so much is subjective, I will leave it all to you to help me and I thank you for your help and your support!