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seeds Seeds sprouting question

I just started some seeds for the first time (new to growing). I used the seed starter kit with the heating pad you can see in the pictures below.
Couple questions:
1. Do I ever need to let the lid open to air out? Could mold appear?
2. The directions said not direct sunlight so it is on a table in my office away from the window. Should I move it to sun window/more sun?
3. I did start some tomato, cilantro and green onions in the same starter kit as I will be planting them as well. The tomatoes are sprouting on the left in the picture below. I assume I need to take those out once I see multiple leave sets like I would on the peppers?
4. It's only been about four days...I will be patient with the super hots...on average when should I see them sprout?
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My opinions and techniques.
1. Yes, you should let it air out just a little bit. Either take the lid off for a short time or leave a small gap so a little air can circulate. Mold can form. A little mold has never hurt any of my plants but I do my best to keep it under control.
2. I would keep it away from direct sunlight. Usually the directions on a product give good info and should be followed. The seeds don't really need light to sprout and you'll be taking them out as soon as they sprout anyway. With direct sunlight and a heating mat it may get too hot for them.
3. Take them out after they sprout or they may get "leggy" from too much heat and not enough light.
4. Superhot peppers can sometimes take a month or even longer to germinate. Just be patient.
4. You may be surprised how fast they pop! This was my first year as well and after three rounds I've not had one take longer than 8 days @ 80f
Sun - no sun, it does`t matter to seeds. Too hot, on the other hand, is deadly. That`s why they tell you do not put them in direct sun. The problem you will face is leaving the germinated seeds too long before giving them a lot of light. As they germinate and open their cotyledons, take them out of that dome and give them (a) lots of direct light, but not direct sun and (b) some air flow via a small fan.
Light from a window isn`t really good enough. You need some artificial light, using 5500-6500K bulbs. Take a cardboard box that will fit in all the pellets you have. Line it with Aluminium foil (use glue) cut a hole in the top big enough to get a bulb in there. Something like an 85 watt CFL bulb. You`re done. The bulb should be 12-18" from the tops of the plants.
Yes, you need to open the lid and air them out. Too much humidity with no air movement leads to mold and worse, damping-off fungus. With damping off fungus, the stems are killed at ground level and the seedlings just fall over. Seedlings need air movement.
A quick tip on watering (only after germination) - put the jiffy pellet(s) in a shallow tray of water for 5-10 minutes instead of watering from the top-down and allow the top 1/4" of soil to become dry-ish. 
I`ve had superhot seeds pop in 4 days, but the longest I`ve waited to see a seedling is around 85 days. Most should come up between 6-18 days.