sending my Cows to greener pastures...WINNER

Last giveaway before the cold weather sets in.

Here's the deal.

Open to:
USA only..I'm paying
newbies and old schoolers (that's geocaching lingo)
can't have won any of my other giveaways before or you will be pun intended

see, sitting in front of a PC on your day off might pay off.

Don't think this will even get to where the ink is dried in this post before someone gets it.
First to post right answer wins!!!


All summer I fed and watered my cows. Well, they are grown up now and it is time for them to leave this pasture and head to greener pasture. There's like 2 dozen of them to turn lose. They Mooooed but sometimes I think something else was in the pasture that Booooed as well. So need to get them out of here.

You tell me what kind of Cows I'm giving away and I'll send them to you.
That is if you like those kind of cows.
And if want, tell me what the Boooo is as well.

You just need to know my cow species to win.

Will send them out tomorrow morning. So I need an address later today from the Winner.
They will arrive at your door step in a medium barn.

This one is going to go quick.
Congrats to Darthpepper for coming up with the COW pepper name first.

The other is Ghost peppers which I'll use to fill in the spaces around the Cow's.

Be sending out in the morning.

Hope the way I wrote this up didn't confuse anyone. I thought it would be easy.

Got the seeds to grow from PJ. Was really surprised how friends asked for these instead of the hot ones.

Might have enough of other peppers out there in garden to come up with one more giveaway today.

Those Cow Horns make surprisingly good powder. I'm harvesting like 50 fatties a week lately.
Exactly what I was planning...


Look what showed up a few days ago


All sorted and posing for the camera


Look at this bad boy. Seeds are saved from him (her?)

Thanks K. Skwerl!!! Awesome giveaway.