[Sep 24] What are you working on this week?


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Boss, I think you scared everyone off by not posting up your kitchen you were working on...... :rofl:
Anyway, I picked up this old bench vise during the week.

It has a pivoting base, and three different types of jaws that can rotate 360 degrees. Although it looks rough, it is in very good shape, the main jaws barely have a mark on them. One cool feature is that the lockup for the jaw rotation is automatically activated once you clamp something in the jaws.


Unfortunately two of the three pipe jaws are missing, but I will be getting a friend to machine me up a new set of three.

I'll be doing a full restoration on it soon, I was thinking of posting up a thread on the progress if anyone is interested?


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geeme said:
I like tools. In fact, my compound miter saw has a prominent place in my living room. True story.
So I will be interested in seeing what comes of your restoration. 
Lol, that would make a great conversation piece. You can follow the restoration, and check out some of my other projects here.


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this is one item i worked on this week. the OP didn`t specify personal or professional so i figure anything is game. this company is local to me and what they do is detect defects in train rails. this company is THE EXPERT in this field and literally all railroad companies use their services. i do metal finishing as my profession  and this company brings these samples to us for chrome plating either for samples to showcase their expertise or as a tribute to a longtime employee. this piece is a 1 inch thick cut out of a train rail that would be disastrous if put into service. the photo is before chrome plating. the defect is very apparent and would literally cause a train wreck.


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Fresno and Jalapeno sauce for pops. No water or salt added.....Turned out surprising well.
Fresno and Aji Arnaucho test batch. I probably have enough ready for almost a quart. Dont really feel like making a large batch of it anyway.
Pick the last of my mystery peppers and decide what to do with them.
Wait on a few of others peppers to ripen so i can dry some more. Next week is supposed to be kinda hot during the day.
Im craving beans!!!! Maybe something different with aji panca?