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grocery Sesame Oils

I'd been on the hunt for a great sesame oil for stir fry and such oriental fare, buying exclusively from local groceries...But the size of the bottles really bugged me, and I couldn't find a robust "toasted" flavor and figured that the sesame sauces I'd purchased over the years, Iron Chef and others, had some secret source for that really distinct flavor...
Then last week while ordering a case of Maruchan Sriracha chicken ramen on the 'Zon I thought to take a look for something in an authentic oil...
ottogi oil.jpg

I'd been trying toasted sesame oil. THIS is what I'd been looking for!
I have no doubt a lot of you are well aware of the Ottogi brand, but I was clueless, even after reading so many Thai, Vietnamese, Korean and other oriental recipes you people have posted, posted and posted. I prolly just never paid close enough attention (and the closest ethnic grocery is 60 miles away)...
So forgive me for shouting but this stuff changes my game UP!
Ottogi has some good stuff but occasionally Korean brands slip in products sourced from China. Large tins of Kadoya Japanese sesame oil around here are about $14-15 at the better markets. Its about a dollar more than yours on Amazon.

I think this is the one i tried that seemed to be REALLY strong. I probably still got the bottle buried in the back of the fridge since i use Kadoya mostly.
Glad you found it! I always called it Toasted too. That one letter, Roasted. Makes all the difference. :)