for-sale SFRB of Superhot peppers (seed collectors box) for sale $20 including shipping.

For sale is a SFRB of superhot peppers.

Varieties contained in it are :

1. Golden reaper (yellow reaper)
2. Leviathan gnarly scorpion
3. Bhut jholokia solid gold ( golden ghost)
4. Defko
5. 7 pot Barrackpore
6. 7 pot Bhutlah
7. Madame Jeanette X Goronong ( not a super hot but much hotter than a habanero)

You will get 2 pods each marked with names.

I will also stuff the box with other hots I am growing ( Indian, Thai, wiri wiri etc).

I also have couple of 'Swamp thing' and '7 pot Cinder' pods that will be included in the initial 2 boxes.

I am including the imgur album.

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@saiias My goodie box arrived safe n sound!! Thank you!!!

I'll have to PM u and ask which ones are which....but tonight I'm just gonna pick one and enjoy it!! :party::cheers: