misc Shrink Wrap help

So i finally got my labels printed and they are slammin! And i get home and I'm like yes it's on now im about to take over the sauce game. I go to shrink wrap and im using some black shrink wrap. Now my only experience in shrink wrap before is shrink wrapping CDs and i use a heat gun for stripping paint. When attempting to shrink wrap the bottle top, it looks all kinda distorted. Any special way to shrink wrap the top of woozy bottles to make it look smooth?


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these bands are 52mm wide x 60mm tall, flat measurement
the cap is over 26mm, probably 28mm
These also have a perforation, visible on the left in the first picture.

My technique is basically just put the shrink wrap on your bottles, then get the heat gun going for a few seconds to warm up. Hold the bottle in the middle and spin it around in your hand (but leave the bottle on the table, don't pick it up when spinning).
The key is never let the heat gun stay on one point of the shrink wrap very long otherwise it will make holes, etc.