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Simcows non-pepper grows 2023


THP, meet Simcoe. Her back spots are like a cow, and that's why I'm Simcows! Why is Simcoe my lead image? Because last year's garden ended up being just for her... the weather here was so hot and all my veg went to bolt early or was tough immediately that none of the humans wanted to eat it. Simcoe however loves all vegetables and isn't picky about their textures so suddenly my veg garden became her personal treat area. I'm hoping that this year the veggies can benefit both of us.

My biggest seed order just came in, waiting for a few others and germination will start the first week of March. I have no idea what my garden will look like because I'm moving in a few months (haven't found a place yet either, eep!) so I'm starting as if I'm staying where I am right now and going from there.

This is also a reminder to myself to be aware of ecoseedbank - I ordered the bulk of my seeds from them this year because they have very competitive prices but it appears that whoever packaged them (or at least prepared my envelope) is a smoker. I don't think that will affect the seeds but I noticed the smell immediately. Annoying, but not the end of the world.

My stretch goal for this year is to not *need* to buy veg at the height of my garden. I'm not entirely sure I can live up to that, but that's why it's a stretch goal. Mostly I want to explore tasty varieties and hope to get some good meals out of it. Full grow list to come later.

Here's to some good greens!
Good luck with your vegetable garden this year, Simcows!

Simcoe's name makes me think of the variety of hops. :)
Haha yes, her name does help me find all the beer and history nerds. Simcoe is a super common name in Ontario, as our first Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada John Graves Simcoe named a bunch of stuff after his dad, then after he passed many people started naming things after him. He's notable for abolishing slavery.

Most people in my area only know about the lake that bears his name though so I normally say she's named after the lake.
Okay, the official grow list!

I uh, appear to have gone overboard. For all the fruiting plants (melons, squash, tomatoes) I only plan on having one plant and(some) beans, peas and lettuces I'll be succession planting. I also applied for an allotment today so hopefully that means a bit more space and less containers.

Hillbilly Potato Leaf
Fred's Tie Dye Heart
Brad's Atomic Grape
Lucid Gem mix (these are local, off pheno Brad Gates lucid gems that are sold as a mix)
Midnight Roma
Meme Beauce
Blush cherry

Light Red Kidney
Dark Red Kidney
Sadie's Horse runner bean
Tanya's Pink Pod
Alaric (aka Tabarais but that's a place designation)

Cascadia (snap)
Thomas Laxon (shell)

Cosmic Purple Carrot
Solar Yellow Carrot
Golden Detroit Beet
Detroit Dark Red Beet
Pink Beauty Radish
Patricia Radish (French Breakfast type)
Hollow Crown Parsnip

Leafy Things
Red Bull Brussells Sprouts
Cimmaron Romaine Lettuce
All Year Round Lettuce
Freckles Romaine Lettuce
Bronze Mignonette Butterhead Lettuce
Black Seeded Leaf Lettuce
Buttercrunch Lettuce
Dutch Corn Salad/Mache
Perpetual Spinach
Olympia Spinach
Dwarf Blue Curled Scotch Kale

Bush Delicata Squash
Patisson Golden Marbre Scallop Patty Pan Squash
Burpee's Butterbush Squash
Green Finger Cucumber
White Sugar Lump Watermelon
Golden Zucchini
Black Beauty Zucchini

Waltham 29 Broccoli
Romanesco Broccoli
Snowball Cauliflower

Broad Leaved Sage
Common Thyme
Prezzemolo Flat Leaved Parsley
Summer Savory
Winter Savory
Rosie Basil

Onions and Others
Giant Musselburgh Leeks
Long Purple Eggplant
Tokyo White Bunching Onion
White Alpine Strawberry
Redventure Celery
Oro de Valle Quinoa
Rossa Di Milano Onion
New York Early Onion
Bronze Proso Millet (growing for the birds)
Orchard Baby Corn (I'm excited about this, the stalks are only 3-4 feet!)

Creco Giant Mix Asters
Dahlia Flowered Mixed Zinnias
Iceland's Finest Mixed Poppies
-----------I'm absolutely growing the above, my friends had babies named after these flowers so it's a tribute, below we will see!------
Camilia Impatiens Balsam Flower
Royal Carpet Alyssum
Johnny Jump Up Viola
Poor Man's Orchid (angel wings mix)
Dwarf 10 week Stocks/gillyflower
Queen of the Market mix Asters
Peony-Poppy Mix (multi petalled poppies)
Hummingbird Mint
Mixed Nicotiana
Flax (growing for the seeds for the birds)
Teddy Bear Sunflower
Watercolour Silks Dahlias

...did I mention I'm a balcony container grower, and I'm probably moving in 3 months? Good thing my balcony here is very large and my mother won't stop living here so I'll probably volunteer her to keep some of these and the peppers. There is enough room to grow all the veg (it's a large balcony!) and I'm hoping I get an allotment space. When staring down this list I also have to remember that not everything will be growing at the same time, so I have that going for me as well. And companion planting does mean a few less containers. Phew!

My balcony this morning, and evidence that the dog decided the snow drift in the back is too deep for her liking!

I face south east so towards the far corner is the most direct sun at 6-7 hrs, the corner closest to me is about 3 hrs full blast in the summer and the rest of the balcony is in between. Lots of options for growing things.
Celery is soaking, dahlia seeds are in their germination bag. Onions and leeks will probably be sown later today. The rest of the garden is officially underway!

...Not that it seems like that outside, we've had snow storm after snow storm the last couple weeks but inside it's shaping up
Have you tried growing celery before? Is it a difficult veg? I can't recall that I ever did, but reading it here in your non-pepper GLOG, I can't think why I shouldn't grow it.
Have you tried growing celery before? Is it a difficult veg? I can't recall that I ever did, but reading it here in your non-pepper GLOG, I can't think why I shouldn't grow it.
I have not! The seeds are TINY. It's not supposed to be especially difficult but if you want to you should start soon, it is an especially slow to start from seed plant.