Simple Search Helpful Hints

While this forum is currently home to very knowledgeable and amusing members (Characters?) many have gone before and their legacy is still here. Unfortunately the search feature here is a bit cumbersome as noted in this thread, Forum search function . I thought two helpful hints a good start to make it a bit easier to search/find what you are looking for.

The first is touched on in the above noted thread:
Make sure its set to search the forum and not just a topic. Look on the right side of the search bar... And to only search the correct forum as you don't want to search the Hot Sauce Making Forum if you want to find pickling Jalapeno rings, you'd look in Cooking With Fire! Additionally, remember if the search block reports "Forums" you are searching ALL forums and will potentially get non topic hits (Think searching pH Meters in - Grow Tech for gardening meters and Hot Sauce Making for food grade meters -)

And second is very simple - use "quotes"!:
SmokenFire said:
Frozen peppers work well in cooking, sauce, dried/powdered and would be excellent in paste.  You can search this forum for AJ Puree and frozen peppers would be fine in that too.
If you search as recommended in above you'll get

use quotes you'll get
 using the same search method.

Hope this helps!