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Simple Syrup...grams of sugar?

Roguejim said:
1 cup water:1 cup sugar
How many grams of sugar in one ounce of the simple syrup?
One teaspoon of sugar has 4 grams.  There are 6 teaspoons in one fluid ounce, so it should be 24 grams of sugar in one ounce of simple syrup.  But that seems like a lot to me, so maybe my conversion is wrong.  :)
tctenten said:
If the simple syrup is half sugar half water....I would say half an ounce or approx 14 grams
not unless the sugar was weighed to 8 oz...which is about 225 grams...which is more than 1 cup by volume. 
although...when looking at the Chile Pepper Weights And Measures thread, 1 cup of white granular sugar weighed 206 grams, which is kinda close....
206g sugar + 225 g (1 cup)  water= about 12 liquid oz
206g sugar/12 liquid oz = 17 grams sugar per liquid oz
wild ass guess..... :lol:
Dang!  that's close to TC's guess!
In my experience with things like this (mostly, making soap, but also trying to figure out nutritional information for food recipes), if you want precision, go by weight, rather than by volume... both in terms of mixing the solution, and in terms of measuring it to figure out grams of sugar per ounce.
Roguejim said:
It's my latest understanding that 6.9ml (.23oz) of the simple syrup is equal to 1 tsp sugar. So, 1oz simple syrup equals about 4tsp, or ~16 grams. If that's correct, that's a buttload of sugar.
It's not really that much, if you think about it.
It's roughly half sugar, half water. One volumetric ounce of water is 28 grams, or 2 Tablespoons(6 tsps).

What are you using it for?