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Siv's 5th Golden Glog

Year 1, year 2, year 3, year 4

I debated if I should do a glog this year. I feel bad if not making some kind of semi regular updates and I barely made it to two pages last year. Anyway, here goes...


Once again I'll be away for 2 months over summer so I'm not going to bother with any hydro and stick to soil. What I will do this time is to put down some covering to keep the weeds at bay. I'm amazed that after being at this for 4 years, there is still so much to learn!

I decided to go low key this year and just ordered some seeds from Sandia and the rest from my stash. I pulled out a 200 site rockwool planter that I had bought last year and not used and stuck it in the tray and started filling. 10 seeds of each unless indicated otherwise - here's what we have:

- Er Jing Tio (60 seeds from my dried pods, let's see if any pop this time)
- White Ghost from my stash
- Tabasco from Sandia
- Hungarian Hot Wax from Sandia
- Orange Bonnet from Sandia (I want to make some Trini style peppah sauce this year)
- Moruga Scorpion from Sandia
- Tombstone ghost pepper from Sandia
- Bhut Jolokia from Sandia
- Trinidad Scorpion from Sandia
- Hatch from Sandia (30 seeds in this pack)
- Solid Gold from my stash

And already we've had a tabasco and orange bonnet pop so I turned on the lights. Hopefully this time I won't let most of them die!

Good luck with the 2023 crop, Siv! The weed control covering is a good call. So is the "million monkeys" approach to sprouting the dried-pod Er Jing Tiao seeds ;)

I started using landscape fabric in one of my gardens a couple season's ago and it's made a massive difference, with only a rare weed making it through the barrier. I'd prefer something more natural looking, but this stuff was easy to work over large spaces and has really done the job.