Siv's second time lucky? 2020 Glog

And so it begins:

From left to right:
  1. Growdown Fatalii - Seed Savers Exchange
  2. Kang Starr Lemon Starburst - Pepper Donkey [new for 2020]
  3. Bahamian Goat - Pepper Donkey
  4. Sugar Rush Peach - Pepper Donkey
  5. Dorset Naga - Pepper Donkey [new for 2020]
  6. Piri Piri - All Good Things [new for 2020]
  7. Peppadew - THP seed train (I think) [new for 2020]
  8. Turbo Pube - [new for 2020]
  9. Datil - THP Seed Train
  10. White Ghost - Pepper Donkey
  11. Purple Thunder - PaulG [new for 2020]
  12. Leviathan Gnarly Scorpion - WHP (I think) [new for 2020]
  13. Solid Gold But - saiias [new for 2020]
All the seeds look pretty good other than the piri piri which seem small and darker than expected. We'll see how it does. Overall, I think I have a good mix of heat and colour. Maybe I need to add something yellow as the growdown fatalii looks orange.
I'll put together another tray next weekend. Last year was easy as I had limited seeds, this year has been near impossible to choose what to grow as I have so many seeds thanks to the kindness of PaulG and the THP seed train.
I'm debating if I should do an Aji this year. Last year I got a ton of Aji Limo so perhaps I should try crystal, mango or pineapple - any recommendations?


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Mildfruit said:
Wow.. Just wow. The pictures of your LSB KG and Goats are stunning! I hope to replicate your grow someday, so many cool varieties! 
Are the bottles plastic? If so, how do you steriles them? 
The bottles are glass - I wash them then use starsan to sanitize before filling. For my non fermented sauces, I also cook the sauce, hot bottle and invert. It's a belt and braces approach as the sauce itself is always pH4 or lower and everything is clean but the starsan and hot bottling makes me feel comfortable they can sit on the shelf for as long as I need. 


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With no plants to distract me, sauce production has hit high gear. The two tabasco style have been bottled up:


Not ya Mama's Tabasco is 100% fermented LGS mash and ACV. It's bordering on painful.
I'm surprised at how hot the Texas Gold is - it was a mix of peppers including plenty of peppadew but I guess there were enough hot ones in there to amp it up.
Still waiting on a name for this one. I'm running a competition with some friends.

And finally an experiment with making a clear sauce. This is mainly the leftover fermentation brine. We'll see how it turns out!


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Hats off _o/ Siv, real pro stuff there!
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