Siv's third time's a charm

My first year:
My second year:
Planning is currently underway for year 3. I'll probably start seeds in February with a view to putting them out in March. My wife complained several times this year that I didn't grow enough peppers that she could use for cooking so this year I'm going to remedy that. I didn't grow any annuums last year so will be going for several this year. I'm not going to bother with pubes as they can't seem to take the Texas heat. I'm also not going to bother with baccatums this year either. I'm going to aim for 15-20 varieties allowing for 2-3 plants of each. I have way too many seeds so will try and avoid buying more!
The current plan:
Dorset Naga - only had one successful plant last year and I like the look so want to grow more
Bahamian Goat - my current all time favourite pepper
Orange Ribbon - a surprise favourite for 2020 and great raw
Leviathan Gnarly Scorpion - hot and great for sauces, hopefully this time they are leviathan as last year they were smaller
White Ghost - a favourite from 2019 and a failure in 2020; hopefully redeemed in 2021
Fatalii - I didn't get as many as I wanted in 2020 and I do like these
Antem Aci Dolma - new for 2021
Sadabahar - new for 2021
Buena Mulata - new for 2021
Bangalore Whippets Tail - new for 2021
White Thai - new for 2021
African Bird Orange - new for 2021 and another attempt at a piri piri type
Yellow Biquinho - new for 2021; haven't tried this style before
Clavo White F1 - new for 2021 and an experiment
For the hydro, I'm going to cut down on the number of buckets and move them back a little and separate them into three lots of seven buckets. This will give me a bit better control and will also allow me to add support between the pillars to cope with these plants as they grow pretty large.
For soil, I'm toying with the idea of replacing most of the grow bags with raised beds made from steel stock tanks. I put the bags on a tarp and while this keeps the grass down There are some spots where water collects and this led to a bunch of mosquitos. The pools of water also makes it annoying to walk between the rows. I'll have to think about this as it's a bit of an investment. I may do the tanks in the spots where the water is the worst and cut down the tarp coverage. I have a while though to think about this.
My wife wants me to grow jalapenos but I'm loathed to grow something I can easily buy whenever I want at the grocery store for little money. And we don't use them that often anyway. Perhaps an odd variety - I have Tiger Jalapeno seeds.
Any thoughts/suggestions from the community?


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Great picking, @Siv. Nothing like a great crew for little help.
Hope they helped with the processing, as well!


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First batch of 2021 sauces bottled up. These are all made with potato as a thickener


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Miso Spicy? Hahah. That's awesome. Love the names and labels - and the sauces look great too!

I'm still looking forward to trying that. I froze my datil pods for future saucing when things slow down a bit.