shade Sizing nut cloth

I'm sure you clicked, so my father had this enormous White Oak that would drop acorns like it was raining. Solution was to put down a 20'x40' mesh cloth and we would harvest (per say) nuts by pulling up thru grass for removal. Worked great, tree removed, folded up and stored in my shed. Was going to use for maple seeds in spring on pool but handling it by myself deemed it impossible. I'm sure I can use this as shade cloth, but don't know what % it would be. Haven't put a rule to it but roughly 3/16+/- polyester mesh. What do I have here(alot), and if too large opening, angling to change % of light according to sun position. Like to utilize netting for it's in almost brand new condition, considering it's 10+ years old. Sun's intensity is way more brutal than it was even three years ago and shade cloth is going to be needed not only for peppers but other veggies will benefit. Thanks
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