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Skullbikers Staying Healthy in 2020 Flog

skullbiker said:
Well, it is kind of late getting this healthy food log(flog) thread going for this year. In reality, some things may not be specifically healthy but just good and/or I just like it. I will try to get a couple of things posted this week.
This will be a continuation from this thread.
I looked over your old thread and I like your thought process. I've lost a lot of weight for me, 50 lbs or so and got paid to lose it. I did it simply by incorporating peppers into each meal to help me get through salads, eggs, etc. all with very little seasoning otherwise. I exercised as well, but the point is for me at least... I had a much easier time on my diet due to the fact that peppers have an abundance of flavor and I used those for flavor instead of the usual sugar, fat, etc. Keep doing you my friend.
I guess I will post this up late rather than never. I decided to make one of my hybrid batches of Kimchi as I had the Daikon radishes I grew and had just picked my cabbage heads and Kohlrabi from the garden. So, for the main ingredients we have 3 medium sized cabbage heads, 3 standard kohlrabi, 1 Kossak kohlrabi, a bunch of Daikon radishes, 2 lbs of carrots and 3 large yellow onions, and the flavor/hot paste with ingredients as shown in pic.
I shredded the cabbage and diced the kohlrabi and put it in my 3 gal stainless steel bowl for the salt water soak.



I chopped up onions, radishes and carrots.




The ingredients for the paste. Crushed Red Pepper, Fish Sauce, Tamari, Garlic, and Ginger. I put the ingredients in the good ol Magic Bullet and buzzed it(I used 1/2 cup of Red Pepper........SNAPPY). 
After draining and rinsing the cabbage and kohlrabi I mixed all the ingredients together in the big bowl and worked in the paste real good. I ended up with more than 1 1/2 gals of Kimchi. I put the vacuum fermenter lids on and put it in a dark closet.

I tried it after 10 days and IT IS GOOD, and SNAPPY!
I will use it from the smallest jar up and let the unused jars ferment longer as just like hot sauce, the longer the ferment the better. I have read that in Korea it is sometimes left for up to five years!
I cracked open the 1/2 gal jar of Kohlrabi kimchi for lunch today. This is just under a month fermenting for this one. I piled a bunch onto my Yakisoba Spicy Chicken for lunch today. IT. IS. AWESOME.  The gallon jug will keep going until I finish this one.
I decided today was the day to blend up a few batches of peppers and start some fermented sauces. Biker Billys, Emerald Fire, Cherry Bombs and even a a few Italian Pepperoncini. About 10 pounds worth/over 2 gallons. Vacuum capped em and put em in the dark, scary storage room. Now to just wait it out.
I use those same lids.  They're awesome.  
Have you tried the vacuum bag process?  I've been watching some videos of that and think I'll give it a try.  
Tybo said:
I use those same lids.  They're awesome.  
Have you tried the vacuum bag process?  I've been watching some videos of that and think I'll give it a try.  
I have not done the vacuum bag process. I have many of these lids and many, many jars. I guess I will just go with these. They have treated me well.
skullbiker said:
I have not done the vacuum bag process. I have many of these lids and many, many jars. I guess I will just go with these. They have treated me well.
Yeah, the lids work great and have treated me well too.  Never had a bad batch so why would I want to try something different! :banghead:
Just because it's different I guess.
As long as I was in the kitchen today I thought I might as well make another batch of fresh juice. Carrots, broccoli, cabbage, some Jimmy Nardellos and a few jalapenos, plus about a half gallon of tomato juice from fresh picked tomatoes. 

The small pile of peppers yielded about 250ml of juice.

About a gallon of the leftover tailings. I can make soup from these with some chicken or beef broth. No waste!

Over all I ended up with a bit over a gallon of juice. I vacuum sealed it in jars, apparently if you keep it sealed under vacuum it will retain the nutrients up to a week. 
I am not sure if lunch today was totally healthy, but it was extremely tasty. Because of the store shelves being cleaned of many of the things that I like, I could not get the spicy Chicken Maruchan Yakisoba noodles. Well, a good splooge of Warrant Mans Suicide sauce and ............. 
NOW I AM DEAD..............but in a good way!

Then I threw on a good pile of my Kohlrabi Kimchi for good measure.

Complete lunch layout, including just picked Lemon Boy tomato and some cold pasta salad.

Then I finished it up with a NITRO MOCHA COLD BREW COFFEE, just poured in the locked down comfort of my home.
How did you like the Lemon Boy, eh. Wait for them Kumatos to come in[emoji106][emoji16]. What seasoning did ya put on it.
All the food looks good to me.

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I made another batch of non-traditional kimchi, just thinking back I have not made 2 batches alike! I started out with 1/2 of a good sized head of cabbage and 2 lbs of brussels sprouts. I chopped it all up with the good ol Kitchen Miracle Plus and it looked like this.

I thought I would change it up a little and besides the regular pepper paste mix I added some just picked Cherry Bombs then I added 2 good sized onions to the Cherry Bombs and cranked on the KMP.

I took 2 lbs of radishes and 1 lb of carrots and chopped them up.


I mixed it all together and kneaded in the paste/sauce and ended up with a gallon and 1 1/2 pints. Now to let it ferment for about 30days.