greenhouse Small indoor greenhouse almost done!

Just mounted my fans on the back of the greenhouse, holy cow! The circulation is great- you can feel a breeze coming out through the gaps around the door. I don't think I'll need to mount the top fan, just make a couple small vent holes maybe. The one thing I will say is that the fans are really loud. My girl is going to be frustrated lol.
Man it may be more trouble than it is worth! There is also no more space between the wall and the back of the cabinet and greenhouse. If I put something over the fans it will close them in and goodbye airflow. Maybe something around the fans to limit the vibrating.....on my air pumps for my aquariums I always put them on top of a sponge and wrap an elastic around them to cut the vibrations. Maybe sliced up sponges? Ahh!
Haha, thanks! It was a lot of fun to build. I need another light but everything is growing quite well! I ended up taking foam blocks and putting them above the fans, against the wall, cut down the vibration noise almost completely.