bottles-jars Small Spice Jars 1oz to 2oz

Where do you source spice jars? I'm looking for small jars with a sifter & screwtop, glass preferred but plastic works too,

I find 4oz is far too large for the real spicy powder. I used 1.5oz glass S&P shakers last year, but I really want to find something with a cap that seals this year.


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I just checked were i purchased 2 oz spice jars, everything is out of stock. The simplest is probably to buy whatever spice you can find in a small jar at the store, put that spice in something else and use the shaker jar for your peppers.

Good luck.
The_NorthEast_ChileMan said:
The top link is the jar I was eyeing up the most. SKS has them for half that price but is out of sifter caps till August. I order a dozen of the second link. I sent them back as the caps didn't latch shut.
This is what I have on order
80838 1-5/8" 3/32" Hole Rotor Detent Top Closure for 80836
80836 1.25 oz. Clarified Polypropylene Canister (Closure Sold Separately)
67141 43mm Natural Polypropylene Sifter Fitment with 11 Holes
70256 1 oz. Natural Polypropylene Straight Sided Jar with 43/400 Neck (Cap Sold Separately)
77874 2 oz. Clarified Polypropylene Straight Sided Jar with 43/400 Neck (Cap Sold Separately)
68699 43/400 Black Polypropylene Spice Cap


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The Hot Pepper said:
Make sure you get the tiny hole sifter for superhots! :D
And i was just going to mention to get the large hole sifter for things like salt/herb blends. :lol:

Looks like you have some options on the way. Let us know how they work.

Have Fun!
The 80836/80838 has a standard punchout that you would find on a disposable s&p shaker. The cap has a better design and thicker plastic than a disposable s&p shaker. The rotating disk fully covers the punchout when closed and holds itself in place. The shaker permits dispensing a very small amount of powder. The jar is very well made. The friction fit is tight enough I can't imagine the cap coming loose in use. Being only friction fit and not screw or snap fit, I would glue the cap for shipping purposes.

The 1oz and 2oz 43/400 jars and spice caps work well together. The 43mm shifter insert does NOT fit the 1oz or 2oz 43/400 jars!