flavor So, how do these taste?

Since I am cursed/blessed with anosmia(no sense of smell), it majorly impacts my sense of taste(thus preventing me from tasting subtle hints of flavor). So I need some help from my fellow chili-heads.

This may be like trying to describe color to a blind man, but please do the best you can, what does each one of these peppers taste like:
Ring-O-Fire Cayenne Chile
Bolivian Rainbow Chile
Santa Fe
Hungarian Hot Wax Chile
Naga Morich
The Naga Morich tastes like licking the gates of Hades. Perhaps Muso can describe the aroma, he's got it fresh in his mind. I on the other hand will have my memory refreshed in a couple of days!

The Fatalli, too tastes like licking the gates of Hades, with blood spurting out my ears for good measure. The only Fatalli I ever tasted though was mixed with Savinas (I think) in one of Cajohn's new purees.

The Serrano tastes like dark green. If that makes sense to you, then we're speaking the same language. It's deep and rich and woodsy. It's not very hot though.

The jalapeno tastes sweet and salty at the same time and kinda tastes something like tequila. Although, that could be just my imagination, because I always like the two together.

Hungarian hot waxes kind of taste like yellow wax beans and I don't like either. Again... no heat.

The rest I haven't had the pleasure of tasting.

Does that help??

Everybodys tasters are a little different, but I'll give it a try.

Fatalii, tastes like a Hab on steroids. I love this pepper, but they tear my gut up! Can you say "ring of Fatalii fire"?!

Hungarian hot wax, tastes like a hot yellow bell pepper. Real fruity. A major tingle, more so than a burn.

I like Tina's descript of a Serrano. Of course red serranos taste, well umm, kinda red.

I like the idea of matching a pepper's colors with taste. I'm color blind, but believe it or not, I find it really easy to tell the difference in a pepper's color just by tasting.
Can you tell I like serranos??

I'd love to actually say what the Fatalli and Naga actually taste like, but all I felt with both was pain... and blood spurting out of my ears!

If you get the chance, ask Cajohn what my reaction was to his fatalli puree! My ears rang so loud, I felt like I was in Notre Dame Cathedral's bell tower at high mass!
If you think that the Fatalii puree is hot, you should try the Fatalii Fire. Major pain! Tina, did you try the Talon? HOT and tasty. I love it. It's the best of both world's, Red Savina and Fatalii makes an excellent combo of flavor and heat. Cajohn has a pic of me in terrible pain (PLEASURE) after trying the Talon. He and Wanza treated MSK and myself to a buffet of sauces to test while at their cabin a month or so ago. It was the first time for me having the Fatalii. To me, it really does taste like a amped up Hab. Very good taste, but yes, you do need to feel your way through the heat.
fell my way through the heat??? LOL if I could get my ears to stop bleeding, at some point, I might be able to eventually taste the fruit... Although... I remember the first time I tasted Hurricane Mash, I thought I was going to die!

Thankfully, they do grow on you.

No sense of smell, colour blind.....

I'm tone deaf and was ummmm wondering what these peppers SOUND like.

Ok, I'm not mocking y'all with sensory deprivations....... (maybe...) :-) I know what Naga Morich sounds like. I gave some to my sweetie, and it sounds like pure freakin' pain. LOL!
Tina Brooks said:
I'm desperately waiting for pain... Where did you send my package???


Ya know Tina, you're not the first to ask that the last two weeks. Every single package I've sent out has been delayed 2-3 times longer than normal and I have done nothing different, but a ton of my customers are getting really ticked at me. I'm totally exasperated!!