So my account was frozen

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I posted rec3ntly as a bodybuilding getting into hot peppers. well someone from here seeked my website out on facebook and posted that I am a steroid peddler.... whoever did this needs to get a life and not try to ruin my business reputtation with lies. luckily I was ablr to delete it before my clients saw this. there is no truth to this and I am amazed how people need more than one hobby especially this particular person than defaming someone. I just wanted some advice because all my reapers have died shortly after sprouting. please can a mod delete my old account it has my website on there and it seems people with no lives have a hate on fot people with them.
Sorry this happened to you...there are a lot of people here & elsewhere who find nothing better to do with their
idle time..there are a lot of evil people out there.
If you need to get in touch with a Moderator scroll down the first page of the forum & you'll see the list of people
currently viewing & the moderator(s) on the site will have their names printed in green,just send an email to them.
That said  there are a lot of good people don't shy away. ;)
So I just went to your profile page. Your seeds for trade section aint right, those aint seeds. Fix that shit and I'm sure whatever jackwagon that's F'ing with your FB will stop.
Wiri is right, there is a hael of a lot more people who are cool here. There is also people who dont put up with bullshit here, your seed for trade is bullshit.
Good luck hope it works out
PS. Not sure what you mean about account frozen, and old account. You are posting from your only account I know of.
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