powder-flake So what's this crushed pepper I get at restaurants?

You know what I'm talking about. You order a pizza or something and when it arrives you get powdered parmesan cheese and then some crushed peppers in a small shaker? Just what are those peppers? De Arbols?

Even so, most of us are familiar with the terms "crushed red pepper" or "red pepper flakes." It's not so much a chile as a style. A jar filled with red flakes intermingling with yellow seeds is front and center in most spice cabinets. No particular chile pepper is used, rather just a combination of C. annuum and C. frutenscens varieties, often ancho chiles,
all I can say is those shakers dont put out enough pepper flakes, when shaken. you have to unscrew the lid to get a decent amout of pepper flakes.
"No pizza, thanks Waitress, I'm just going to feast on this small mound of assorted chili flakes I've poured myself"