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Soil health and pest control

I fully understand how soil health can affect the amount and type of organisms present. My question is more related to pests that fly in and lay eggs. We are talking squash vine border and it's moth adult. Even when soil level seems to be at its healthiest. These pests still run rampant. This pest has been a hindrance in our garden for years now and I'm looking for any advice that may help. It has prevented us from growing proper squash plants, pumpkin, or anything within the family. I've heard about using tin foil on the bush type of plants but how can this apply practically to a long vine like butternut or a pumpkin?
We cover our young cucurbits with light weight reemay until they begin to show flowers. When done early this usually works, and it's the only thing that I've found to work. Not sure there is anything you could do to the soil to stop them from flying in and starting a new generation.