food Spaghetti with anchovies, capers and hot pepper

Fave-o anchovies dish @ Casa Sluggy. 

This takes about 15 mins to prep and is easier than squeezing the sh*t out of a circus dwarf : 

Wok mucho garlic (to taste) in olive oil.  add your anchovies, a can or maybe two. Stir. 
The anchovies will completely disintegrate and turn into grey goop. Worry not. 
Next you squeeze two LEMON halves (make sure there's no pits in there) over this mixture. 
Stir. Then FRESH thyme. It HAS to be FRESH ! 
pluck a couple of sprigs worth of thyme leaves off, and throw them in the garlic/anchovies/lemon mixture. 
This is also where you also add your moruga powder. Or any chilli powder you prefer. Guajillo isn't bad. 

By now you should have your pasta ready, AL DENTE, please. 

Mix everything together, maybe add some breadcrumbs or croutons.
Serve with parmesan sprinkled on top. 

Anchovies and Lemon may sound like an odd combo, but trust the old Dutchman on this, peeps : 

With the thyme and the garlic and the zest of the peps, this is certified GOOD EATIN'. 

Bon appetite ! 

Anchovies, capers, and peppers? Count me in. Looks awesome Essergi. I discovered my love for capers last year on our trip to Malta and Italy (just Rome, unfortunately). Have had a jar in the fridge ever since.