seeds Starting Seeds/ seedlings in the cold basement

I haven't been on for a while. Great suggestions, ideas, ect-thanks!
So here's an update- since sowing in late January, I kept the  babes on a heat mat and a small heater to make the air more comfortable for them.
I have to say that I'm really happy so far. I have two 11x22's filled with six packs (about 60-65 plants in total) of various superhots and some cool Bonnet varieties thanks to a THP member suggesting White Hot The dude at White hot is very nice and very generous with bonus packs!
Anyway- aside from the warmer environment, whenever they need water (basically 2x week) I've been adding 1t CalMag and 2t Algoplus all pupose fertilizer to 1 Gallon water. They freakin' love it. Thanks again everyone.