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Was recently contacted by social media hot sauce personality.

I wasn't aware of her initially, but watched a number of videos afterwards.. I subsequently met with her and husband and found them to be a really nice couple. Real down to earth chiliheads, with a sincere appreciation for the craft. We shared an incredible lunch at a local spot (I chose). Had a wonderful meal and even better conversation. I am most proud to share the video review here.

No offense but over 14 minutes is crazy for a hot sauce review.
They need to trim it up a bit 😂
Oh I know! I just could not watch it.
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I'll have to watch it then seems like it starts with a cool story.
Nice reviews @WarrantMan, for some great sauces. Glad to see you getting the publicity and opportunity to expose yourself again. :D
We already know The Warrant man puts out good stuff, because the folks of THP who have tried them love them, who better than the fine folks of THP to know hot sauces.

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5 products, fairly quick for each. Nice reviews of products we know and love. Hope it helps generate sales at their biz.