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We are proud to be featured in a video review by the renowned Canadian “Chili-meister” Monsieur Claude Dubé. Most of his reviews are done in French for his Quebec home audience. We are grateful that he took special time and effort for this review in English.
Á votre santé Claude!
An “unboxing” video he did sometime last month, long before I learned of the review above.  A serious lover of the craft, a solid stand up dude.
Very COOL!!!!  
And well deserved, for the marketing and the sauces.  Your products have an awesome marketing theme ,and are awesome tasting as well!
Reggie, send Claude a link to this post if you haven't already.   
I personally have a LOT of little handcuffs...
Claude is definitely a food character, and I wonder what he'll think of Homicide as a "Louisiana" type after he tries the Suicide...
But of course, I await his thoughts on the Aggravated Assault. We'll see how close our palates compare...
International acclaim is a large feather, Reggie! Wear it with pride!!
Nulle said:
No, you're not! :P I'm saving it all. 
Reggie deserves all the praise he can get.
I really like it all but i LOVE Arson :mouthonfire: and use it on most everything :lol:.

PtMD989 said:
Looks like Reggie is gonna have to start shipping international [emoji16].

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Looks like Denmark has been ticked off the list....and i know its gone to Oz. ::):