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Strawberries !

Has anyone ever tried growing strawberries? if so..what kind and how did it go?

The reason i asked.
I rented a big plot in a communal garden so i have alot of space
I already plan to grow my peppers and herbs and tomatoes there
On the plot itself are already 3 apple trees, 1 pear tree and a couple of unkown berry bushes

Any and all suggestions / tips / tricks are welcome !
Has been many years... many... Elsanta was my main variety. There were a few others, but I don't remember their names. You can stretch the harvesting season by planting multiple varieties.
In that part of Europe, it's best to plant them in full sun. We mulched the plants with straw, so that the fruits wouldn't be lying in water puddles if there was rain and to prevent rotting of the fruit. Birds like strawberries a lot, you might need netting.

If you're new to gardening, you might want to pick up this book.

I grow strawberries every year. There are a lot of bugs, slugs and birds that like eating them so you have to be quick with the harvest.
Saying that, they're delicious to eat straight from the plant.
Grew gariguette last year which all the predators seemed to adore :D
this article may help you decide on what type to grow
I will be growing Albion and Seascape strawberries in Mr Stacky vertical towers this year. These are day neutral varieties. I am hoping that my 2 year old son and I can snack on them outside all season.

I am a little worried about birds eating them. I should be able to put up a net if that becomes a big problem.