Stressing Plants

Now I've heard that if you stress the plants the heat in the pepper will be hotter. How would a person go about doing this? Especially the Bhut Jolokia plants. I've read they're kind of temperamental to begin with and have a hard time producing if they're stressed.

Only works when there are pods on the plant, please dont water stress a plant with no fruit unless you want bigger roots. Also dont do this when you are still in the flowering stage, you will get flower drop.
You can stress them by putting them in a hot dry location like a greenhouse or let them go dry but I'd wait till the pods are close to ripening because stress will slow down plant production
Back off with the water but only when the pods are beginning to turn. Gotcha! I might give this a try with one plant for now.

Thanks for the help.
Yep, only water when they start to wilt. Also, start showign them the bills you have to pay and the money that you have coming in....that usually stresses me out.