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health stressing the plant for heat?

This is my first year with super-hots (supposedly super-hots anyway) - I was given 3 plants from a big chain hardware store - one labeled Bhut Jolokia (which appears to be true) - One labeled Scorpion Trinidad (which is maybe true? not a lot of "tails" coming out the bottoms) - and then one which was labeled "Carolina Reaper" which is probably the same thing which bohicapepperhut is selling as "scorpion hulk" - definitely NOT a true Carolina Reaper (pics https://thehotpepper.com/threads/scorpion-ghost-f-whatever-sold-as-reaper.76207/post-1749525)

anyway, I've eaten a few of these now and added a few to hot sauces... and none of them are delivering the heat level I expected.... like not even close.

I have two theories. either they're mislabeled and not really what they say they are... or I'm doing something wrong in the way I'm growing them.

I've been told they get hotter if you stress them and I've definitely not stressed them. In fact I've babied them... would this explain why they're weak?

The Hot Pepper

No, stressing is like a boost. If the expected level is not there, and not even close, most likely, they are not the peppers you expected.
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Pepper Joes has a bad reputation on Reddit for not sending the correct seeds.
Is there a site you think of as safe/accurate.

I ordered a few varieties from Tyler Farms. Quick shipping and reasonable germination given the conditions I used for testing but too soon to tell if plants match description.

…Ordered several varieties from Bohica Pepper Hut on 9/12 but they still haven’t even shipped.

My thought is to sample several places and form my own opinions but if there are big red flags on anywhere or gushing reviews on a vendor I’d love to save time and effort.
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