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lighting Stunned growth in seedling stage with grow light

Hi everyone,

I got a new led grow light this year https://greenception.com/de/produkt/gcx-2-solo/ for the seedling phase of hot peppers.

The issue I am having is that the seedlings are not growing at all. They are not getting leggy, the growth is just not happening. After about two weeks the first true set of leaves is yet to come.They are grown in coco coir and the light is about 10-15 cms above them for about 14 to 16 hours.
Could it be due to the light (too much / too less lux /DLI or missing nutrients in the coco coir or temperature too cold?
I repotted two of them in seedling starter soil and the rest in mini hydroponic systems aka cans ;)

Really curious what the reason could be for the stunned growth.

Many thanks

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Picture is about a week old, but the size of the pepper plants stayed the same. Basil and Mexican cucumbers are also not growing well. All of them are in coco coir and under the same light
They don't look unhealthy. What is the temperature of your growspace?
About 18 to 20 degrees Celsius (65-69F). Too cold for them? I also put a grow heat pad under them but it didn't help much. Roots are developing well
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Temperature around 20C is fine! Maybe some colder temperatures coming from the window?
If they grow healthy roots, leaves and stem will follow soon for sure.