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soil Stunting of leaves after re-potting


My Moruga scorpion has developed some leaf stunting and slightly discolored and disfigured leaves after I re-potted it from a smaller pot. I repotted it a week back. It was doing well in the peat mix. This new soil is Black earth with some tea leaves and compost. Does anyone have an idea if this maybe due to overwatering or incompatible soil type?


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The plant looks healthy to me. Plants do go through an "adjustment" phase after replanting, which includes slower growth briefly. Give it some time. It'll take off soon. The soil mix might be a little nitrogen hot and could use some perlite, but should be ok. And don't overwater. jmo
Thanks , ah I spotted something bad. A couple of leaves were infested with Aphids. :( Wondering if the best solution is to isolate the infected plants and snip off the infected leaves. If I wash it down, they'll just climb back up. The internet suggests ladybugs but probably that's be if its really bad.