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Sulsa's 2022 grow log

As already stated in my welcome thread i'm fairly new to growing peppers. This is gonna be my second year of growing them.
Last year was quite a succes, started out with ten variaties that i could find locally and ended up with a garden full of lush plants and dito harvests. The climate here is not ideal for growing peppers, especially the 2021 season was quite wet arround here. Hoping this year will be a bit more favourable.

The plan for upcoming season is all about diversity in varieties. I'm trying to find the peppers i like the most and find good use for in the kitchen. Also cutting down on the number of plants per variety so i will not have to proces tons of peppers wich i don't really like.

Below my growlist for upcoming season:

Capsicum Pubescens (sowed 1-7-2022)

5x Rio Hualaga
5x Mini choco

Capsicum Chinense (sowed 1-15-2022)

5x Bonda ma Jacques
5x Bahamian goat
5x Habanero red
30x Adjuma yellow

Capsicum Frutescens

20x Chabai green

Capsicum Baccatum (sowed 1-15-2022)

5x Lemon drop
5x Aji mango
5x Sugar rush peach
5x Rainforrest

Capsicum annuum

5x Jalapeno el Jefe
5x Greek pepperoni
10x Cayenne
10x Cayenne #1 (big and beautyfull off pheno that popped up last year, giving it a try...)
5x Rawit
20x Piquillo de Lodosa
20x Kapia
20x Dulce de Espagna
5x Ancho negro

Most of this plants will be grown in containers in my backyard. I also have about 300 square meters of vegetable garden in wich i will grow a few varieties in open field. Did this last year with sweet peppers and this turned out pretty good.


First hook for this season... Rocoto mini choco (7 days after it hit the dirt )
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Those plants are loaded, Rene. I hope you
can broker a little more decent weather to
bring those to ripeness.
There will be a few more weeks with decent weather coming for sure. We often get a period of nasty weather just before fall around here. It's like nature is telling the plants that shit is about to come and they best get their things sorted!
They just keep coming...... 😵‍💫
Below is the harvest from the past few days. It takes me up to a week or so to process everything in the off hours when i don't have to work or tied up in other obligations and when done i go do some picking and all starts over again.... it's been going like this for almost two months now.

I've been drying, mashing, freezing and eating so much peppers lately that i honestly hope winter is setting in fast. 😁
Temperature is dropping fast and a lot of plants start to yellow and a lot of fruits start to rip.
i decided to take down the plants of the varieties i don't like much and the plants that carry peppers wich don't seem to ripen anymore. According to my wife i won't have to grow peppers the next couple of years... i told her she was absolutely right, but then there are still lots of other varieties wich could elevate our cooking even more and than there are the overwinterers and so on.... She understands now that i will grow some moderate numbers of pepperplants again next year! :D

Also picked the remaining kapia and dulce de Espagna with color on them and also took down all the plants.
When these are gone i will not eat or even think sweet peppers for a month or 3 for sure!

WOW, what an incredible glog Sulsa. Just caught up with your season and all I can say is this was just perfection. So professional and slick from the get go to the very well deserved mother load in the end. An inspirational glog - admirable. WOW!
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According to my wife i won't have to grow peppers the next couple of years... i told her she was absolutely right, but then there are still lots of other varieties wich could elevate our cooking even more and than there are the overwinterers and so on.... She understands now that i will grow some moderate numbers of pepperplants again next year! :D

Haha I love how universal that comment is from loved ones to pepper nerds 😅
It's been a while! Really had to have some pepper off time after 3 months of continuous pepper processing. 😅
Time well spent ofcourse... cleaned and digged through the entire vegetable garden, build a new chicken coop and ofcourse made christmas happen at work... (we always build the biggest christmas show in our region)

Last harvest of this season! Some aji mango and jalapeno el jefe.
Harvested these about a week ago, just before the frost came.
Also had a quite decent harvest of the rio hualaga last week, but i mashed and froze those allready.


We had a few nights of -5C and daytime temps around -2C and that succesfully killed all the plants that remained of this season. :violin:
Decided not to keep overwinterers this time and start all fresh next year.

Definitely looking back at a very productive season! Got probably enough frozen peppers to last me a couple of years.
I also dried quite a lot of peppers and i'm looking forward to making some spicy powders soon!


Now that all the plants are gone and the season is officially over it's time to go figure out what has been done right and what needs improvement for next year. It is also time for deciding the growlist of 2023 :D
Some of this years peppers will make it in the new list and some won't for various reasons.

Annuum hot peppers

Cayenne #1
Great allround pepper and this particular genetic line makes for big healthy plants with big fruits and dito harvests.
Will grow again next year!

Normal Cayenne
Tastes the same as the one above, but can't compete in health, fruitsize or production.
Will not be grown again!

Jalapeno el Jefe
Nice and uniform, healthy plants with good productivity and quite hot for a jalapeno. Did miss the real jala flavor a bit though.
Will grow again, but maybe not next year...

Annuum sweet peppers

Great production but with a terrible bushy, lanky growth habit. Taste wasn't all that great too.
Will not grow again!

Yet again a great producer and tasty sweet pepper and ripens quite early in the season.
Will grow again, but probably not next year. Time to try some new varieties...

Dulce de Espagna
Same as above but ripens a bit later. Also is a lot juicier than Kapia, good for raw snacking.
Will grow again but like Kapia probably not next year

Ancho negro
Plants were very susceptible to disease and i had a hard time harvesting some decent peppers.
The ones i did harvest tasted great though, especially when dried they have a nice complex umami flavor.
Will not grow again, but will search for something similar in taste but without the health issues!


I never grew baccatums before and fell in love with their bushy growhabit and crazy production.
But sadly they all tasted like cat piss to me. Maybe my climate isn't right for those kind of peppers...

Sugar rush stumpy
Crazy productive but probably not the best representative for the sugar rush lines. Fruit phenos were all over the place and the color was pinkish almost creamlike. Tasted the worst off all the baccatums i grew.
Will not grow gain!

Lemon drop
Nice compact plants loaded with beautifully colored pods. Could detect some citrussy lemony flavor but was soon completely overtaken by cat piss flavor. Dried some though and will give it a try in powders.
Will grow again some day!

Aji mango
Beautifull plants with the biggest load of peppers i have ever seen... ripened very late in the season and sadly had to sacrifice a lot of unripe fruits to the frost. Tasted the best of all the baccatums grown this year. Actually had some faint fruity mango flavor and good mid heat. Also had some cat piss taste in there. Also dried some and giving it a chance later on.
Will grow again some day!


Cabe Green curry
Productive plants and delicious for making thai currypaste when used green. When ripened to red they have a very nasty flavour and screaming heat that takes over your entire face... not a pleasant heat.
Will grow again some day, but i have enough in my freezer to last me about 3 years i guess.


First time growing these peppers. I really like the hairy leaves, the beautifull flowers and growth habit of the pubescens.

Rio Hualaga
Had a rough start on these and had only one meager specimen that survived and it was really struggling to get it's grow sorted. Eventually in the hottest part of summer it decided to throw some flowers and surprisingly a lot of fruit set occurred. Due to this late fruit set ripening came late and i had to sacrifice a lot of unripe fruits to the frost.
It did manage well with light nighttime frost, but couldn't handle daytime frost and a bit colder nights.
Haven't experimented much with these peppers yet, but raw they taste quite nice and have good heat.
Will grow again next year!

Mini choco
Beautifull and strong growing compact plants with nice looking fruits. Productive too and started producing early so i was able to harvest in summer with good weather.
Tasted horrible though.
Will not grow again!


Bahamian goat
Nice compact plants loaded with good tasting and spicy pods. Among my favorites so far.
Will grow again!

Bonda Ma Jacques
Very good tasting and hot pepper. A bit fragile plant with weak branches so needs good support.
Fruits were quite small but have nice uniform shape.
Will grow again next year!

Adjuma yellow
Still my favorite chinense so far. Extremely tasty and not too hot (for a chinense) flavor profile similar to bonda ma jacques but juicier and less hot so you actualy can enjoy the flavor better.
Will grow again next year! (But not so many this time...)

Habanero red
Very hot, but tasty after the burn. Found good use for this one in the kitchen. Plants are very strong and produce like crazy. Will grow again, but probably not next year! (Too much of them in my freezer)

Adjuma 'red'
Accidental cross between adjuma and habanero red. F1 stage produced uniform plants with very big red fruits. Very productive as well. Inherited the heat from daddy (red) but lacked the superb flavor from mom.
Will hold on to the seeds and maybe grow sometimes again. Not next year anyway.

Also had a few other miscellaneous varieties going this year, but none of them made the cut and none of them will be grown again.

Now it's time to do some catching up on all of your glogs and other activities...
Nice review of your grow @Sulsa. Sounds like you found a few winners this season. Best of luck in 2023. I hope you find a few more keepers!
Those dried peppers would probably last me a life time! 😄

Are those jalapenos actually pink or is that just the photo?