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Super Hot New Leaves Kinda Yellow

This is my first year growing super hots. Red naga, Butch T, Reaper, etc.. A couple weeks ago they had their first true leaves so I transfered them to a 4" pot. Medium is 1/2 Ocean Forrest and 1/2 Miracle Gro garden soil. All the new leaves forming are kinda yellow. This is on pretty much all of them. I am hoping this is common and they will darken up. I have my non super hots jalapeno, tabasco, bell, etc. in the same mix and they don't have any yellow new leaves. I just watered them that why they're wet in the pic. I only water twice a week and they try out a little between watering. I have not added any ferts to them. Just water. What are y'alls thoughts?

You were right. I let them go another week and they were looking good. I ended up hitting them with a 1/4 rate of dyno gro and some Azos last week. Everyone seems happy. 


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